Financial Licensing

If a goal without a plan is just a wish, let's imagine reaching for retirement without a target.

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We offer you the freedom to make your own decisions:

We help people from all walks of life live their dreams and live on their own terms. How could we not do the same?
By Joining D. Murphy and Associates, we make sure YOU are in the driver's seat of your own financial future. All while having a full team to back you up.

  • High Demand for Financial Education
  • Fulfillment through Education and Empowerment
  • Flexibility and Autonomy
  • Helping Others Achieve Financial Success
$5 Million
Assests Under Management

We find pride in tracking and efficiently adjusting to yield the most out of our clients net worth.

$75 Million
Life Insurance Enforced

We get so caught up in tomorrow that we forget about today and how short it can be. Ensuring family stabability when we aren't around is key

Families Consulted

More than just a talk with your accountant.

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High Demand for Financial Guidance

The need for financial coaching is on the rise as more individuals recognize the importance of making informed financial decisions. Many people are seeking personalized guidance to improve their financial situations and plan for the future. As a financial coach, you'll be entering a field with a growing demand for your expertise, proving a stable and potentially lucrative career opportunity.

Financial Licensing Expenses Covered

We understand that education can be beyond expensive.
We never want that to be an obstacle when it comes to good mentors creating legacies.

Most expenses for Federal and State Financial Licenses are paid by us.

Helping Others Achieve Financial Success

As a financial coach, you have the opportunity to make a positive difference in people's lives by helping them navigate their financial challenges and achieve their goals. Whether it's getting out of debt, saving for a major purchase, or planning for retirement, you'll play a vital role in guiding your clients toward financial success and security.