Retirement Planning

If a goal without a plan is just a wish, let's imagine reaching for retirement without a number.

dare to dream

We challenge you to transform your boldest dreams into prosperous realities.

Retirement isn't a cookie cut process. As the common thought might be between have's and have-not's, we believe everyone has their own roadmap just as unique as they are.

  • ROTH/Traditional IRA
  • SEP IRA/ SOLO 401K
Age 65+ Rely on Social Security

Imagine relying on half or more of your income on a fund that is threatened yearly in Congress.
Social Security Administration*

1 in 3
Americans have a Written Budget

Not knowing where to start makes it really hard to imagine where to go next.*

of Americans in debt*

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Used by the world's most average companies

Do You Know Your F.I.N. ?

Knowing your Financial Independence Number, F.I.N. is key to choosing the life you've desired reaching at retirement.
Do you know how much money you need to have set aside so you never have to work for money again?
Working with one of our Financial Coaches will not only introduce you to your FIN, but set a path for achieving it.

Leave more than money,
Leave a Legacy

Did you know if you reach your FIN, you could possibly live off just interest? Not only will your retirement feed your family but will continue to grow along with them. D.Murphy and Associates will continue to offer guidance and Coaching to the next generations.

Joining a Financial Coach

Having a team that understands the weight of financial uncertainty is invaluable. To learn the principles of personal finance and offer the skills and know-how to generations to come should be today's standard.

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